Monday, March 17, 2008

Don't Believe Everything You Hear...

So, inflation is stable in Canada, or at least, so reports the media.

But why, then, am I now $3 for a loaf of bread, or $1.15 a litre for gas? And I haven't really noticed anything else get particularly cheaper except for the price of cars, and I don't buy a car every week.

Again, I'm not telling you what to think, I'm just telling you to THINK. Take a look at what is happening. Bear Stearns claimed all is well last week, and is now being picked up off the scrap heap. Hard decisions around the world will have to be made regarding climate change, the financial crisis, demographic shifts, and the transfer of power from the US to several smaller powers, which we believe will include China and India, but really, next to nothing is known at this point, because we're entering uncharted territory. I certainly don't expect people in power to be up front with us, because these decisions will be hard and will not guarantee success. Nobody wants egg on their face, so the name of the game will be denial and misdirection until hopefully, something positive happens that can be reported.

Read the papers, watch the news, read the blogs. But then, after you've done that, look at the facts and make up your own mind.