Friday, April 25, 2008 more?

Oh sure, I'll keep posting under this handle. Though I was thinking of renaming myself the Sheepleherder. How cool would that be?

It's more my lot in life. In a matter of months, I may have to drop the "2B" off my name to remain honest. It seems like I have an inside track on a couple of executive jobs, so odds are I'll come away with at least one offer. I've scored well on the exams (in the "these scores are practically unheard of" range), which is very important, because it was necessary to counter my lack of actual working experience.

The one job would be the coolest. 15 minute drive from home means I get to both pick up and drop off B at daycare, and my wife can work whatever schedule she likes. Much better home life that way. W00t.


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