Saturday, June 14, 2008

Living the Dream

One of my friends is in a band. It's a pretty good band. He's in it with another guy I know, and two other guys who I don't know. I used to jam with them a bit on weekends, and he told me that he wanted to see if he could actually make this work. And kudos to him, he's going and doing it.

His band, the Insurgentlemen, put out their debut CD, Cement, a few months ago. And even though I've listened to the CD, and it sounds good, and they've played a few shows, it was still pretty surreal seeing their CD on Amazon and iTunes.

Can't say that I'm not a tad envious, but I know that these guys aren't just partying it up, they're working very hard at their craft and I'm happy that they're catching a few breaks and building up a following.

If you make it big boys, make sure to think of me while you're having mad groupie love.


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