Monday, October 02, 2006

The Need for Constant Evolution

So, it was the last day for one of my employees today. She quit and found herself work elsewhere. The gut shot was that she even took a pay cut and a longer commute to be happy. I like to think that I make the work environment as positive as possible, but there's only so much a line manager can really do about working conditions. Thus my need to move up in the organization.

But, strangely, I found myself really envying my employee. And I thought about it, and figured this is why many of us feel compelled to move from job to job. We miss the initial adrenaline rush of having to learn something new and how to adapt to new situations. We miss displaying the added-value we can bring to an organization, before that added-value becomes taken for granted and added to our regular duties. We miss having the hope that we have the power to enact change around us.

I haven't lost hope that I can bring lasting change to my organization, but I know that it won't be worth the price I'll have to pay if I manage. But the fact that my chronically shortstaffed working unit is getting 8 employees this month is reason to believe that finally, people are seeing what's going on and trying to make amends. I'll supposedly get about a dozen more over the next 2 years. Now, if only I can keep others from leaving, I'll be set. And I'll be able to leave myself with a clear conscience.


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