Sunday, September 10, 2006

Oh woe, woe is me!

"Times change, and people change with them.
Some people love to play the victim..."

Alexisonfire, "Keep it on Wax"

I'm honestly getting sick of this. Again, I've been called into work on a weekend because people are unwilling or unable to sort out their own messes.

Now, I realize that I'm the manager and that it's my job. I know that I'm getting everything I asked for in taking this job. But goddamn, can't people figure anything out for themselves? Every day, I have employees arrive at my desk with a pile full of tasks, utterly unable to figure out what is the most important, and what has to be done first. After about oh, 5 minutes of half-hearted analysis, their tasks are organized and they're sent on their way. It's the same thing, day in, day out. People don't learn. Or they learn, then they're good for a few weeks, then they forget.

I don't want to be mean to these people, the sorry thing is that I think they're trying their best. They just never learned what work is, what responsibility is, what figuring things out is. All I know is that the day will come when I'm gonna let these people have it with both barrels if some of my teachings don't start sticking. You can only kill people with kindness so long, then you just want to kill them.


Training update: Since acquiring my home gym two weeks ago, I've lost 4 lbs and 2% body fat. But the biggest change is the energy levels. And I need every ounce of this new energy I can find. I'm three times as productive at work as I was before I started training (I now estimate I am able to do the work of 15 regular people), and I still have plenty left in the tank to help out with chores when I get home and play with the boy. I now sleep like a log, something I've rarely ever done in my life, but I view that as a good thing, since I wake up in the morning so well rested.

Next week is my last week at work before my week long manager's symposium, so I have to get some loose ends tied up before then. Could be some long hours in my near future, as I now know the kind of effort it takes to keep things afloat.


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