Saturday, August 19, 2006

Like Elephants in a Stake-filled Yard

Elephants, for the most part, are pretty smart creatures. As the saying goes, an elephant never forgets. Which is good, in some ways. For instance, they remember where all the fresh water is. And they know where all the tigers prowl.

But it's also a bad thing. For instance, did you know that circus elephants are tied to a stake with a heavy chain so they don't escape? For a while, the elephants try to escape, but then ultimately resign themselves to the fact that they're stuck. The funny part is, you can remove the chain, but as long as the stake is there, the elephant knows it has to stay put.

When dealing with change, a lot of people act like those elephants. The chains have been removed, but they're scared to walk away from the stake.


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