Monday, August 07, 2006

The Curse of Longwindedness

So...if you haven't noticed, my posts are kind of long. That's ok, it lets me get a lot off my chest. But my longwindedness does have its disadvantages.

I write music. I don't aspire to be a rock star, or to sell millions of records. I just want some songs to call my own. I'm not even that good. But I can't write a goddamn lyric to save my life. Anyone have any ideas?


At August 09, 2006, Anonymous Brenbren said...

Get what you want off your chest. Make it as longwinded, random and uninspired as you choose.
When you're done, pick a few words or images that stand out in your mind from each major idea/paragraph you've made and sum them up in the shortest sentence possible.

Put each line under the other, space them out and pick them apart further. Why did you choose one word over another? Is there a recurring theme in what you've written? Turn that into the chorus ;-)

Replace words with others, maybe go nuts and start rhyming -none of it needs to make sense unless you want it to. Just play. Eventually things will take a different path but in the mean time don't think about what you're trying to make and just let it tell you what it wants to be.



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