Friday, August 25, 2006

Blubber Begone!

Finally, the day has come. The day that I begin building my home gym.

Believe it or not, I used to be quite an athlete, back in the day. It's easy when you do manual labour for 8 hours a day, then work out for another 3. But, switch your job where you run around 8 hours a day for one where you sit at a desk, then switch your 20 minute walk there for a 45 minute commute, then switch all your free time for a 2-month old son. Then, after all that, switch your parents' fridge stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables for takeout pizza. Then struggle with tendonitis because of all the time you spent wearing out your joints while playing sports. I've kept extra poundage off for the most part, but I'm still not quite as firm as I'd like to be, especially around the middle. I figure I have 15 lbs or so to lose, but I'm more about how I feel rather than what I weigh.

So, tomorrow, the exercise equipment starts rolling in. You might say you've heard it all before, and that equipment is just going to collect dust. Uh uh. I still remember what it's like to be in shape, and I won't stop until I feel that way again. Then I'll just keep going.


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