Monday, September 25, 2006


A whole bunch of stuff that wouldn't make it as an entry on their own:

Looks like my work project is going to go through, at least in part. Don't need to quit after all. I do, fortunately or not, need to double down and refocus to guide my unit through the changes that have now become necessary. That, and another employee quit last week. No one ever said it would be easy.

I figure that after I clean up this mess at work, I'll see if my resume will be good enough to get me into an accelerated development program. New challenges for me, no pay cut, and my department retains my rights. Everybody wins.

Workouts are going well, but I've been a little fatigued lately. More sleep is needed.

I was promised a considerable raise this year, but our pay systems haven't been updated yet. So I'm gonna get some insane retro pay backdated to April 1. I hope they get this done soon, the extra money is going straight to mortgage principal.

It's too bad that I often have to make decisions between what's right and what's fair. It's surprising that many people haven't learned that life isn't fair yet.

I read the other day that there are no bad employees, only bad leaders. I would challenge the writer to spend a week in my shoes.

I need to buy a minivan. But I don't feel comfortable in them and they're ugly as hell, and I refuse to drop top dollar on those new SUV/car/minivan hybrids. Any suggestions?

I'm looking forward to having my friends over for a Hallowe'en party at the end of October. But I'm having trouble finding the time and energy to do any prep work. I feel as though I owe them something special for travelling all this way.

I only seem to have enough time to do one of two things: play the guitar or work out. Since I'm committed to getting and staying in shape, I had to put the guitar down. That makes me sad.

I have training on Wednesday on "Leading Through Change". I know many other people who think this training is beneath them who need it far more than I do.

I've been thinking a lot about family lately. You'll notice that I've been open about a lot of things on this blog, but my family isn't one of them. I'm wondering whether I shouldn't change that. The problem is that it puts me in a place to which I don't want to go and it pulls me into the pattern of victimization that I seek to avoid and that I give other people a hard time for falling into. But it's also something I'll have to confront someday. There are still outstanding issues with a lot of family members, but they've been sort of patched over. I don't know whether it's worth lifting the patch and fixing the foundation, and I don't know whether the foundation can even be fixed. Brandon deserves to grow up in a tight family, but that just isn't how it'll be, probably, and I have to find out whether or not I'm ok with that.

So maybe some therapeutic writing is in order. Or not. We'll see.


At September 28, 2006, Blogger Normalcy Overrated said...

OMG, a minivan is not the answer! Of course, I have taken a sollem vow to never ever buy a minivan, no matter how big my family gets. I will hook up a trailer to my car before that happens.
BTW - why the heck do you need one? You only have 1 kid.

At September 28, 2006, Blogger Normalcy Overrated said...

Oh yeah, and talking about personal stuff is good, but I like to ponder the problem without mentioning the person involved. Ambiguity ;)

At October 09, 2006, Blogger YoungExec2B said...

I only have 1 kid, but I can't take him anywhere, since I can only fit one of a) stroller or b) play pen in the trunk at once. And where do I put suitcases?

It sucks that none of my friends or family that I would care to visit are really equipped to house a baby at their residence. Well, no one whose place I'd be able to drive to, anyway.


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