Sunday, November 26, 2006

Light Grenades

I just streamed the new Incubus CD, Light Grenades, because I'm oh-so impatient about these things. I always end up regretting not having the feeling of popping a brand new CD into the player and losing myself in the music, but if that's all that technology ends up taking away from me, I'm fine with that.

Anyways, it's really, really good stuff. I identify very closely with Incubus as a band because they're about my age, and seem preoccupied about the same things as I am. I wish that lyrically, the band could occasionally go back to the Make Yourself formula, writing about internal dilemmas and struggling to come to grips with the inanity of the world around them, but I think Light Grenades did address this with a few songs, notably Dig. But one of the things that frustrates me about Incubus is also the reason why I like them the most, that they're never afraid to buck convention and try something else, and do it with conviction. They adapt and they always try to stay one step ahead of what everyone else is doing, and do so like it's second nature. I haven't liked everything they've put out, but at least I can understand where they're coming from. That, and having met them on a couple of occasions, they seem like guys I wouldn't mind partying with.


At December 02, 2006, Blogger Open House said...

Ever wonder how the band would sound if they went by the name "succubus".


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